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Man At The Wig Shop + Last Day On Earth

On a cold afternoon in Texas, Alyssa Edwards was exiting the wig shop when a man RAN AT her and gave her quite the scare! Girl, find out what happened next. Then, she talks about what kind of stuff she would do on her last day on earth. But most importantly, what she would EAT on her last day on earth!

People Watching + Earthquakes

Alyssa Edwards is on the boulevard playing everyone's favorite game... PEOPLE WATCHING! See what she has to say about the lovely people of Hollywood Boulevard! Then, she tells the story of how she survived her first earthquake in Texas.


Alyssa Edwards gets on Grindr for the first time! PLUS she shares a deep secret about her first experience with finding a man online.

House of Edwards + House of Edwards Part 2 with Shangela

Alyssa Edwards and her daughter Shangela talk about what exactly it takes to be a part of the elite House of Edwards on this episode of Alyssa's Secret!

Family Matters + Snitch

Alyssa Edwards talks about what matters most...her family! Then she tells us about how much a snitch she was as a little boy!

When Alyssa Met Shangela + Birthday with Shangela

Alyssa Edwards and Shangela tell the story of how the two divas met, then a story about Alyssa's birthday party that includes strippers, pizza, and passing out!

Ooky Spooky Halloween Special with Sharon Needles

Alyssa Edwards welcomes the Queen of Scream, Sharon Needles on this spooky ooky kooky creepy Halloween special edition of Alyssa's Secret! Sharon gives Alyssa a gruesome glam makeover!

Earthquake + A Day in the Life

Alyssa Edwards experienced her first earthquake while she was in LA and she lived to tell the story! Then she rants about a typical day in the life of being a queen in Texas.

Jamaica Story + Jet Ski

Alyssa Edwards tells a hilarious/LIFE THREATENING story about the time her and Vivienne Pinay were in Jamaica! Then, she tells us about the time her and the catch of the day, Vivienne Pinay, went jet skiing. And of course, shenanigans ensue!

First Kiss + Sex on the Beach

Alyssa Edwards tells you the tale of her first kiss, then lets you know what she thinks about "having" (sex) on the beach... and things of that nature!

Alyssa-Isms Part 3 + 4

Alyssa Edwards tells us the meanings of more of her colorful vocabulary.

Dance Moms + Business Woman Fish

Alyssa Edwards talks about all the craziness the dance moms bring to her dance studio, Beyond Belief Dance Company; then discusses being a business woman FISH!

Breaking the Law in Drag + Mistaken Identity

Alyssa Edwards tells the story of how she was pulled over by the police in full drag. When you're fish, you're fish. Alyssa Edwards is Finding Nemo fish! And when you're fish like Alyssa, you often get mistaken for a real woman.

Show Prep + How to Look Picture Perfect

Alyssa Edwards shares the intimate details of her show preparation, then tells you exactly how to look picture perfect during your not so picture perfect times!

High School Experience + Driving

Alyssa Edwards talks about her high school experience - dating, extracurricular activities, bullying, and being a book worm! Then, she talks about her driving experiences. And as you can guess, they're truly an outlandish production!

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 Cast Reveal

Alyssa spills the T on the RuPaul's Drag Race season 6 queens!

Twitter Questions Part 2 + 3

Alyssa's back to answer more questions from Twitter!

Twitter Questions Part 1

Alyssa Edwards answers Twitter fan questions!

Worst Fears + Air Travel + Guilty Pleasures

Alyssa tells you her worst fears, dishes some travel stories (you will never think of "code red" ever the same), and shares her guilty (trashy) pleasures.

Prank Call + Accents + Tongue Popping

Alyssa makes prank calls, speaks in a handful of different accents from Australian to "straight man," and teaches a class in Tongue Popping 101.

Coming Out + On Dance + Pearly Gates

Alyssa Edwards tells us about her coming out "gig;" how dance shaped her life; and what she imagines it will be like when she enters the pearly gates of Heaven! It's probably the most extravagant thing you'll hear all week!

Alyssa-isms Part 1 + Mirror Mirror + Alyssa-isms Part 2

Alyssa breaks down all of her Alyssa-isms!

Orgasm + Sex in Drag + Worst Date

Alyssa Edwards shares bits and pieces of her dirtiest secrets!

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